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Success in International Deaf World Bowls Championship

Colin Jackson and Ian Stafford with their medal haul

The England team, which also included our own Colin Jackson and Ian Stafford, have just returned from the seventh International Deaf World Bowls Championship which was held at Belmont Bowling Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This was a two week competition running from 28th August to 9th September and both would like to report that they were successful in the tournament, with Colin achieving pairs bronze and Ian the triples and fours bronze. Their England men's team also got a bronze.

To add to this, Colin with his playing partner scored a hotshot with eight woods in one end. This is the first time that this has ever happened in the tournament.

Both would like to express their thanks to Palmerston Bowls for the donation they received from the club towards their expenses.

Extremely well done to both Colin and Ian!

Christmas Meal Menus now available

In case you didn't need reminding, Christmas will soon be upon us once again! The menus for the Palmerstson Christmas meals are now available. Please checkout the weekday or weekend menus before booking your places at the club.

September edition of the Palm Reader

Marie Leonard has now published the September edition of the Palm Reader.

You can search the Palmerston site or the internet here using "the world's most private search engine"

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