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Maintenance Closedown 4th - 17th August

The Club is closed for bowling for the two weeks beginning Monday 4th August to Sunday 17th August inclusive. Usually annual maintenance only takes one week but this year we are replacing the Temperature Control System (see below for details) which will take almost 2 weeks to complete. The carpet will also be washed and stretched. Bowling will recommence with the Summer Leagues on Monday 18th August.

The Restaurant will close during the first week but will be open for lunches in the second week starting Monday 11th August.

The new Winter Leagues should be available for collection and on this website when the club reopens on Monday 18th August.

Hampshire Open Studios 16th - 25th August


If you're wondering what to do in the middle of August when you are coming to the end of the outdoor season but not yet bowling at Palmerston indoors, how about seeing some of the wonderful art created in Hampshire.

This is an annual event where artists from all over the county open their studios and exhibitions to the public. There are an amazing 169 venues open sometime between Saturday 16th August to Monday 25th August - Bank Holiday Monday.

There's an excellent website where you can view a brief summary of each place so you can plan where you'd like to visit - perhaps a round trip one day to see a variety of exhibits. Enjoy.

Although it's nothing to do with bowls some of the members who went last year told me they enjoyed visiting several venues. Also I'll admit this is a personal plug as I have a few items in my painting group's exhibition at Painters on the Green at Sarisbury Green Community Centre - click for details. Those who went last year will find that this year our teacher - a professional artist - is also exhibiting here instead of at her home, not to be missed.

Club Competition Entry Form 2014-15

Next Winter season's Competition Entry Form is now available for download. See the Competitions section.

New Temperature Control Systems

We are replacing our Temperature Control Systems in August. More details are as follows:

  • The present system was installed 10 years ago (April 2004) and uses a refrigerant (R22) which under EU legislation will become illegal from Dec 2014. This in turn has caused the manufacturer, Fujitsu, to cease making spares for these systems, putting the club at increasing risk of a serious failure.
  • A contract has been awarded and work will commence on Monday 4th August.
  • Work will start on the rink area first and is scheduled to finish on Thursday 14th Aug, following which Dales will carry out a carpet stretch on Friday 15th. We also plan to carry out a full "encapsulation" clean of the carpet (semi wet process) and then the rinks will be available for bowling on Monday 18th Aug.
  • The new system will be a ducted one - as is the present system. Northampton Indoor Bowls Club installed a similar system last September (2013) and they have said that they were pleased with its performance over the winter, and also their new system has used considerably less electricity than the previous one (30% reduction was mentioned).
  • Following the rink system, work will proceed to replace the Foyer and Restaurant systems whilst the club remains open. The contractors are happy that they can work with us to minimise any disruption to members (for instance scheduling some work to the afternoons since we will still be on summer schedules).

New Underlay Speed

When the new underlay was laid in April it was running at 17.5 seconds (This is the time it takes for a bowl to travel from tee to jack at 27 metres). Recently it was re-measured at 16.5 seconds. This slowdown is expected after a new installation. For the new Winter season, we would like to recover the speed we had last Winter which is around 18.5 seconds. To get a 2 second improvement from a single stretch is stretching credulity (sorry!) so we planned 2 stretches, one was done on 4th July and another is due on 15th August during the maintainence closedown.



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