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New Winter League Session proposed - Friday 2pm to 4pm - Australian Pairs

Could you be interested in a new Australian Pairs league on Friday afternoons? There is a spare session at 2pm which currently is only used for the occasional rollups. 6 teams have already registered their interest and ideally we would like another 4 teams in order to make a good programme. Please contact Bill Jackson on 01329 236275 if interested.

League Team Re-Registration for Winter 2015-16

Applications to form new teams are still being accepted. For details of which leagues still have vacancies and form please see the Leagues section. You have until 15th July to make application.

Please note that one vacancy has come up in the Monday 8:15 Australian Pairs which was previously full.

Summer slowdown

There are quite a few bowlers taking advantage of their Palmerston membership and bowling through the Summer, although many more play outdoors. Summer bowling at Palmerston is now limited to mornings - see the Calendar for full information.

So there's a lull in activity over the Summer as competitions, club, County and National don't start again until the Autumn and also the friendly matches. Inevitably there won't be much news over this period but keep calling back here occasionally as I'll post any information when I get it.



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