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Second Palmerston Cup Report

Our Competition Secretary Keith Fleming reports on the second week of the Palmerston Cup. Read his report on the Palmerston Cup page. The tables are updated as soon as the matches finish on Sunday night or at latest on Monday morning.

Follow these reports every week for a great insight into this popular local competition.

Club Competition Entry Extended for 1st Winners Mixed pairs, 1st Winners Singles and Novices pairs

Entries to these competitions are low so we are extending the deadline to allow more people to enter (closing date is now Sunday 26th October 2014). We would encourage all new bowlers and those who have never entered a competition to enter these competitions as you will find a different challenge compared to roll-ups or league games. You never know how far you will get - particularly as previous competition winners can't enter these.

FIRST WINNERS: Competitors who have WON a Club Competition in the previous 5 years or have been a RUNNER UP in the previous 2 years will not be eligible to enter these competitions.

NOVICES: These competitions are for new players who have only been bowling for a maximum of 3 years prior to the start of these competitions.

Please use the normal entry form - ignore where it shows the deadline of 28 September. The form can be downloaded from the Competitions section where you will find more information.

2014-15 Club Competition Entry Form (Ladies)

The Winter season's Competition Entry Forms (Ladies Competitions) are available for download, deadline Friday 31st October 2014. See the Competitions section for full information.

New September "Palm Reader" newsletter published

Marie has produced another newsletter full of interesting articles. There are copies dotted around the club or you can read it here by clicking on the Newsletter link in the left hand column.



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