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Keep Palmerston Drive Barrier closed at all times

Fareham Borough Council have written to the Club to remind us to keep the height barrier closed at all times. This is their advice:

As you may be aware we are entering the time of year when the travelling community return to the area and attempt to gain access to areas of open space. It has been noted that the height barrier at the Palmerston Drive entrance to the recreation ground is being left in the open position giving this community easy access to the site should they wish. To avoid the disruption to activities that will result should they gain access, please may I remind you to keep the barrier closed at all times?

What happened at the AGM ? Saturday 5th April

All the proposals were approved by the membership with the exception of one part of the proposed amendments to the competition rules. It was being proposed that substitutes must play all later rounds and the original player who was substituted would no longer take part. This proposal was defeated.

The AGM reported a very successful year which was boosted by the 30 members from Havant who joined. Due to the increased membership which increases pressure on rink space, the Committee has decided to place further applications for membership on a waiting list. Members currently going through coaching will not be affected, only new applications. See the Memberships section for more information on joining.

Competition rules updated

The modified competition rules agreed at the AGM are now on the web site in the Competitions section. Modified rules are 6.1 (offering dates), 7 (play-by dates), 13 (emergency stoppage). There is a new rule - rule 18 Substitutes.

League changes for Winter 2014/5 - Open Triples space becomes available

One of the two new leagues on Thursdays, the 6:15 Open Triples, was reported as full last week, but due to a withdrawal there is now a space available for a new team. This is a popular format so don't delay if you might want to enter a team in this league. Also vacancies for the new Open Australian Pairs at 8:15 on Thursday are down to 2 teams now.

For full details please see the Leagues section. You can also find an application form in that section.



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