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Club Competition Entry Forms now available

Please look at the Competition page to access and download the latest entry forms for the 2015-6 season.

The next edition of the Palm Reader

Marie Leonard is currently looking for articles to include in the next edition of the Palm Reader. This edition will be published in September. If you have anything that you would like to be considered for inclusion, please email your articles and suggestions to palmreader at palmerston-bowls dot org dot uk before the end of August.

League Team vacancy for Winter Season

A team has withdrawn from the Wednesday 8:15 Open Triples League. This has left a possible vacancy for another team. If you are interested in filling this place, please speak to Bill Jackson (League Secretary) on 01329 236275. Anyone who wants any assistance in forming a league team please speak to Bill.

Winter Leagues schedules

The winter league schedules for the 2015/16 season are now available and ready for downloading.

Annual Club subscriptions

Curent club members should by now have all received a letter notifying them that annual subscriptions are now due. If you have not yet received notification, then please contact our membership secretary Mrs Lesley Howell (phone: 01329 311698) email: memberships at palmerston-bowls dot org dot uk

Summer Leagues update

The major work that was scheduled for maintenance week, starting on 3rd August, was to have been the installation of LED lighting throughout the club. Unfortunately, due to an unusually high demand for lighting panels, mostly from Europe, the manufacturer is unable to meet this date and is forecasting mid August for the delivery of equipment.

We can confirm that maintenance week will now be the week beginning 24th August. The summer leagues for that week, Monday 24th to Friday 28th including Club Night on 24th, are now cancelled. Bowling will be available on the morning of Sunday 23rd and possibly on Sunday 30th (to be confirmed).

As a result of the rescheduling, the summer leagues will be continuing into August. So there are now games in all the weeks up to the end of the summer season.

The restaurant will be open for Sunday lunches as normal on Sundays 23rd and 30th August with booking required as usual.

Summer slowdown

There are quite a few bowlers taking advantage of their Palmerston membership and bowling through the Summer, although many more play outdoors. Summer bowling at Palmerston is now limited to mornings - see the Calendar for full information.

So there's a lull in activity over the Summer as competitions, club, County and National don't start again until the Autumn and also the friendly matches. Inevitably there won't be much news over this period but keep calling back here occasionally as I'll post any information when I get it.

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